New Drone Sander Makes Quick Work of Toughest Projects

The new “Whirl-Wizz” drone sander comes complete with an array of sanding pads available for both wood and drywall applications.

For all of you out there that hate sanding, there is a new fun-to-use tool that takes almost all the work out of it, and may even make it fun. The new “Whirl-Whizz” sander combines the sanding power of four orbital sanders with the joy of playing with your favorite christmas present to make short work of even the most difficult sanding.

“We always had trouble finding anyone that wanted to sand the bottom of our slab tables and other hard to reach surfaces, like wood beams and ceilings,” says Scott Wunder from WunderWoods Custom Hardwoods.  “That was until we started using the “Whirl-Whizz.” Now everyone in the shop wants to sand. Our only problem now is making sure that we have enough sandpaper on hand”.

The Whirl-Whizz sander in action, finish sanding a wood ceiling.

The “Whirl-Whizz” sander looks like a standard hobby drone with just a few modifications, but don’t be fooled, this thing is a real workhorse. The four thin plastic spinning rotors provide the perfect balance between power and finesse by pulling the sander strongly to the surface, but deflecting and riding any slight contour changes throughout the process. The end result is a super smooth, consistently sanded surface that requires no hand sanding – that’s right, no more hand sanding.

“This thing works so good that the guys started using it in places that it was never meant to go,” Wunder continued. “After they figured out how to get it to spots other than the underside of horizontal surfaces, they found it worked better than any sander they had ever used. Before long they were sanding every surface with it, top, bottom, vertical, horizontal – it didn’t matter. If they could get the “Whirl-Whizz” to run into it, then they would sand it.”

As a busy business owner with lots of sanding to get done, Wunder has ordered ten more units to make sure that he always has a sander at the ready. The current average life span of the “Whirl-Whizz” sander, including rotor wear and incidental contact with unintended targets is about 15 minutes, but Wunder expects those numbers to go up as everyone at WunderWoods gets better at operating this new generation of sander. “Every new tool takes a while to master, and this is no different,” Wunder said defending his team. “A new battery will sand for approximately six minutes. As those batteries get older and have to spend more time on the charger, the life-span of each of our units will increase as it is used less. It really is just a matter of time.”

Another benefit to shop owners besides the flawless results is that every “Whirl-Whizz” sander features an on board camera, which can be used for up-close inspection of a surface. By simply pushing a button for a still picture or holding the button for a video, it is now ultra easy to see what is really going on close-up. Many shop managers use the camera system remotely on their phone to make sure that their employees are performing as expected, even when they are away. At WunderWoods however, Scott points out, “We are having so much fun with the “Whirl-Whizz” that I didn’t even know it had a camera.”


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About wunderwoods

Hi! My name is Scott Wunder and I am the owner of WunderWoods Custom Woodworking. We build wine cellars, built-ins and furniture from local woods, here in St. Louis, MO. Recently, I finished a three-year term as the President of the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild, which had me writing a monthly article for our newsletter. I love to write, especially about wood, and found that I still had more to say. Every day I run into something wood related that I realize some of my customers don't know and this seems like a great forum for sharing what I have learned (instead of telling the same story to each person). The main thing to remember is that I try to keep it light and as my wife always reminds people that have just met me, "He is joking."

13 responses to “New Drone Sander Makes Quick Work of Toughest Projects”

  1. Steve Palmer says :

    Scott – Back away slowly from the keypad and go get some sleep. I’m just curious but we’re you spraying a lot of lacquer today? Steve Palmer

  2. Lisa Kratz says :

    April Fool!!!

  3. sniffy173 says :

    Just in from the White House: “The Sanding Drone is fantastic! This is the kind of stuff that will make America GREAT again.”

  4. Dan says :

    Woodworker tries hand at parody; puts those that understand to tears.

    (I sanded a desktop not less than an hour yesterday and it is nowhere near done.)

    What sucks about sanding is you can’t really hand it off to low skilled employees either.

  5. Terry Reed says :

    April fools!

  6. ben boynton says :

    Mine has the optional chain saw attachment. So handy! For so many tasks!

  7. Jeff Zeis says :


  8. Rob Porcaro says :

    Excellent! I knew something like this would come along. Soon, woodworkers everywhere will be whizzing on the wood. Will Festool make one that costs twice as much?

  9. Mike says :

    This is funny, but I do agree with Steve Palmer that you might need better ventilation while shooting lacquer. Always enjoy you posts.

  10. bgilstrap says :

    Got a great laugh…thanks! 🙂

  11. rt2inc says :

    hmmm – sanding today, carving tomorrow, milling next week. I need to invest in drones last week!

  12. kborum says :

    I have adapted the WunderWizz sander to apply french polish. Just be sure to wring your pad out a bit before you execute flight……..Thanks Scott!

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