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We mill the lumber and slabs that we use for our projects and to sell in the shop from local logs. A lot of what we mill stands out from regular lumber in some way (spalting, curly grain, wacky shapes), but we also process high-grade lumber. When we come up short, we use other local sources to make sure we have the lumber on hand for a complete hardwood selection.

The lumber is sold green, air-dried, and kiln-dried and in the rough. We can surface the lumber for you if needed. We take pride in our lumber surfacing and joint the wide face before planing for a straight and flat board. We then run one edge on the jointer for a glue-line edge. We also offer sanding on our 36″ wide-belt sander and slab flattening on the cnc router. All of the surfacing is billed at a shop rate of $100/hr.

Click the following link for the latest price list:

WunderWoods price list June 2022

The shop is at 821 Midpoint Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63366, just off of Highway 70, between Highway K and Bryan Road.

10 responses to “Lumber Pricelist”

  1. Dave Vitale says :

    Great website and blog. I’ll recommend it to some friends.
    Dave Vitale

  2. Mark Gordon says :

    We have had a great experience working with Scott Wunder and the great variety of material available at Wunder Woods

    Mark Gordon
    MDG Renovations

  3. Marie Williamson says :

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your site! I love it! I own a personal custom sawing place in Indiana and we only cut what we need or will need for projects and can tell you some history on many trees! I just cut a pine down that my partners grandfather planted for a client needing wide boards! They love having a picture of the tree for their project and to be able to tell the story to their children! Keep on! I would love to see your shop and more custom things you do!

  4. Tim says :

    You sold me some green white oak a few years ago for a screen/storm door that I made. It’s working great…through hot summers and cold winters.

    I’ll be calling you for some black walnut in 2018 for a dinning room table I need to make. Hopefully you have some good rough cut boards on hand. You seem to be the only supplier in St. Louis who offers rough cut lumber (my preferred stock since I have a jointer, planer, and table saw and I enjoy the process of machining down rough boards).

  5. Larry Steinman says :

    I’m looking for a 3” x 3” x 72” piece of mahogany I can carve to be a walking stick while I’m home recuperating from back surgery June 26.

    Got any that are close in size or even another wood? Spalted or solid.

    Don’t want to waste your time or my time driving out if you don’t have anything close.

    (Trying to avoid ODing on TV.)


    • wunderwoods says :

      Thanks for checking in, but I’m going to say probably not. Definitely not in mahogany. We only cut 3″ on larger slabs and then only occasionally.

  6. Cassidy Bird says :

    I have a black walnut tree that I’ve got to remove for a extension on an existing farm house. It has a great log on it and we don’t want it to just get junked with the rest of the trimmings we have to do (we have oak limbs to take down on several trees) Any idea on who may want the log? There isn’t a huge lumber circle in our area.

    • wunderwoods says :

      It shouldn’t be too hard to find a home for it. Every construction crew I have ever met has at least one guy on it that would do something with a good log, I’m sure you won’t have to advertise much. Too bad you aren’t close to St. Louis.

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