Hi! My name is Scott Wunder and I am the owner of WunderWoods. I cut and build almost anything as long as it is out of wood, but recently have been doing lots of work with big slabs. I mill the logs that I use in my projects and sell the excess lumber and slabs from my shop, which serves as my lumber store. (Click here to see a video about my operation.)

A recent growth area has been in the green movement, where I am finding increasing work processing the logs from a building site and then providing finished building materials for the project. My business has always been green, since I salvage and use local logs, but now I am getting more credit for it.

Recently, I finished a three-year term as the President of the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild, which had me writing a monthly article for our newsletter. It reminded me how much I love to write, especially about wood, and that I still have more to say. Every day, while working in the shop or at the sawmill, something wood related comes to mind that I want to share with others – tips, tricks, ideas, photos and plenty of stories. I want to pass along things that I’ve learned, not only from reading them, but from experiencing them and screwing them up myself.

In my former life I was an art director and my job, besides making things look pretty, was to understand the information and present it so that it could be easily understood. To that end, I’ll do my best to simplify things and speak in plain english (nothing fancy here). I also encourage you to ask questions. Remember, I love talking about wood!

Below is a random sampling, in no particular order, of projects that I have built and the wood that I mill and sell.

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