Antique Factory Carts

In the last two years, in addition to my regular woodworking business, I have also been buying, selling and refinishing antique factory carts. I find them very useful in the shop for moving logs and lumber, but most people buy them to use as coffee tables. I have sold more than 100 in that time, and I currently have about 100 in the shop. Here are some of the carts I have refinished. All of these have been sold. Click on any photo to enlarge.

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  1. John Bliss says :

    Hi Scott – loved your story regarding your affection for factory carts….

    My cart affection/addiction is just beginning, and as an amature cabinetmaker, I have a vision for making a bed that looks like a factory cart.

    (I missed a great opportunity a few years back to purchase multiple carts and I am really regretting it now).

    I’ve been searching on-line for a set of cart hardware (seen a couple on ebay) and am getting ready to make a purchase. I did not see on your site that you sell just a hardware kit so I wanted to check in with you first before doing the ebay thing. Please advise. Thank you for your time. JDB

  2. Jenise Kennedy says :

    I want a factory cart table, but I’m sure shipping to New Orleans would be out of my budget. Do you sell/ship complete hardware sets like the ones on your blog?

  3. Patricia J Pratt says :

    Do you still have carts for sale? 678-974-9643 Patricia

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