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Augusta Project Nearing Completion
   Two years in the making, this green building is almost finished.
You Won’t Believe The Trees At Elephant Rocks State Park
   This Missouri park has amazing granite formations and surprising trees.
Lose The Sandpaper, Grab The Razor
   Use a razor the next time you are finishing a project.
Drying Twisted Wood And Knowing When To Walk Away
    Twisted sycamore tree, twisted sweetgum lumber, and why lumber doesn’t dry flat.
River Logging Begins At WunderWoods
    Five maple logs are pulled out of the Missouri river and milled.
Pecan Bent Branch Bench (say that five times)
    A bench is milled from the branch of a giant pecan tree.
How To Make A Thick Countertop Out Of Thin Wood
    Stretching a small walnut tree to make a big countertop.
Walnut And Cherry Are Great Exterior Woods
    Procrastination proves that walnut and cherry don’t rot.
Aging Metal Hardware Like A Man
    Fire is the key to an antique hardware finish.
The Best Wood Filler
    Sanding dust and a secret ingredient are combined to make a new wood filler.
Martin Goebel Has Big Plans
    Milling a giant black oak log for a customer.
Tornado Takes Down Giant White Oak
    It’s hollow, but it is huge. Scott wishes it was solid.
Missouri Botanical (Shaw) Gardens Is For Tree Lovers Too
    A tour through tree heaven.
What Makes A Good Crotch?
    The outside of a crotch gives clues to what is inside.
Shape Is Key To Identifying American Elm
    Photos and descriptions help identify American elm.
Hazelwood Tornado Hits Home (My Old One)
    News coverage video of the destruction.
Ax Men’s Shelby Stanga Gets An Early Birthday Present
    River walnut log is cut up and lost.
Woodworking And Sanding Go Together
    Sanding is necessary and takes the right mindset.
Widebelt Sander Gets Straightened Out
    Grooves in rubber drum are sanded smooth.
Giant Sycamore Almost Crushes Truck
    Sycamore log is carelessly loaded onto truck with almost disastrous results.
2013 St. Louis Woodworking Show In Collinsville IL
    Find out details about the big woodworking show.
Log Busting Without A Chainsaw Guide
    Use a chainsaw to quarter a log without guides.
How To Turn New Wood Into Antique Beams
    Pine lumber and beams are distressed for an antique look.
Skidding Logs Without The Ruts
   A sheet of plywood is used to skid logs.
Most Awesomest White Oak Treehouse Tree Ever!
   A white oak tree stands out from the crowd.
Driftwood Fireplace Mantel And Other River Treasures
   Scott and Mira find beaver sticks, railroad ties and other cool pieces of wood.
Curly Cherry Bar Top Fights Back And Loses
   After putting up a good fight, a curly cherry bar top finally takes a finish that sticks.
Fisheye In My Finish Again (and again, and again)!
   Previously finished pieces cause problems when it is time to refinish.
Sassafras Images, Photos and Facts
   Sassafras not only smells good, it is also a pleasure to work.
Antique Factory Carts Are Here, And Here, And Here…
   After purchasing 200 more antique lumber carts, Scott tells how the whole cart business started.
My Bow Is Made Of Catalpa (bean)
   Scott and Mira work on their archery skills. Mira is done, Scott needs to keep working.
Woodworking With Gloves: Am I Crazy?
   Woodworking with gloves reduces splinters, but is it safe?
Soft Maple Is Not Too Soft
   A WunderWoods favorite, soft maple gets a bad reputation just because of its name.
Joia Tubes Rock The Night
   WunderWoods customer Joia Tubes, comes out with a new light up set.
Pattern Guides On The Table Saw: Fast In The Straightaways
   The table saw is set up to cut matching pieces from a pattern.
The Kreg Jig: Is It Real Woodworking?
   The Kreg jig is fast and easy, but using them may be too much of a shortcut.
The Biggest Burr Oak
   See the biggest tree Scott has ever milled.
The Shop and Sawmill Fire Story: Long Version
   Scott brags about his fire starting skills and comes clean on what really happened.
WunderWoods River Logging – Just The Beginning, Or The End?
   Scott and Mira go on a little excursion and end up in front of a canon ready to fire.
Where The Metal Meets The Wood: Sauer And Steiner Woodworking Planes
   Beautiful hand planes are built one at a time and are true works of art.
How Big Do (American Black) Cherry Trees Get?
   Cherry trees get bigger than most people think.
The Slippery Truth
  Scott shares a few tips on making things slide smoothly through the tools in the shop.
Google Satellite Branches Out Into Log Procurement After Tornados
  After a tornado hits the St. Louis area Scott uses Google satellite imagery to locate logs.
Calculate Board Feet? Go Figure.
  Use these measurement tips to figure board feet in lumber.
The Best Tape Measure Ever
  All tape measures are not created equal. See what makes one stand out above the rest.
My Biggest (Woodworking) Blunder
Jointing A Straight Board: The “Reverse Rainbow” Method
Quartersawn Sycamore Table By David Moore
20″ Planers: Powermatic, Grizzly And Others All Made By Geetech. Who Knew?
Take The Time To Smell The Wood
Habit 7 (of highly effective people) – Sharpen your saw
The New Shop: 1735 S. River Rd., St. Charles, MO 63303
The “Augusta Project”
Slippery White Oak Changes Woodworking History (Maybe, Kinda-Sorta)
Once You Go Impact, You’ll Never Go Back
Metal: It’s Like It Grows On Trees
Siberian Elm And American Elm: Leaders Of The Elm Revolution
Mueller Brothers Timber Sawmill: This Is How To Bust Up A Log
Why Quartersawn Lumber Is So Stable: The 0-1-2 Rule In Action
Google SketchUp Is Free To Woodworkers!
Black Friday Blowout Event
How to Make Charcoal
Log Wins, Welding Begins
Have You Heard About Shrinkage?
“The” White Oak
Big White Oaks
Considering Wood Movement
Kiln-Dried Walnut Is Not Steamed Walnut
Doyle Log Scale: How To Determine Board Feet In A Log
New 100-year-old cherry; It is (no) lye!
Sanding White Pine: Avoiding A Sticky Situation
Utility Knives And Plastic Don’t Mix
Bigger Isn’t Always Better When It Comes To Sawmilling Cedar Trees
Big Walnut, No Nails
Rotten Wood or Good Wood
Wood Sculpting – A Different Approach to Woodworking
White Wood, Sap Wood and Spalted Wood

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  1. Steve Joyner says :

    Saw your post on using your belt sander for sharpening bandsaw blades. I also use mine for sharpening. Also great for mower blades! The reason I’m replying is because I just bought a cheapo wen 1\2×18″ and use to sharpen stuff. I think it might work on your band saw blades.

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