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We offer local high-grade hardwood lumber milled by us. All lumber is rough sawn with surfacing available at the standard shop rate. We have green lumber, air-dried and kiln dried lumber as well as lower grades available. Because we love wood, we have a lot of very interesting stock.  From spalting, to curly grain as well as wacky shaped pieces and unbelievably gorgeous slabs. We also use our own milled wood for all of your custom projects, from shelves and tables to built-ins.


Saturday:  8am – Noon for retail sales of lumber and slabs

Monday-Friday:  9am-5pm

One tiny-tiny portion of the wood for sale in our shop

Scott Wunder


821 Midpoint Dr.
O’Fallon, MO 63366

22 responses to “Hours & Contact Info”

  1. Jack Decoteau says :

    Love the photos of your wine cellars and the racks you have made and of course if you are going to have a wine cellar, one must have a round top door.
    Will ask questions later. Jack

  2. Bud King says :

    I want to deliver green hickory logs and get back furniture or dried wood.

  3. Jack Decoteau says :

    Sounds good to me, I have a great Sassafras that died this year that I would like to do the same with, furniture for green wood.

  4. Brad O'Neal says :

    Scott, very cool blog! Do you offer any kind of resawing services? I have several 4/4 billets of Panama Rosewood ranging from 4″-8″ wide X 36″-75″ long that I’d like to get resawn for acoustic guitar sets. Please let me know if that’s something you offer, or if you know of someone else in town that does.


    • wunderwoods says :

      I do not officially have a resaw, but I use my sawmill to resaw when necessary. It is not as accurate as a resaw and mine is not yet up and running since the fire. Locally, I recommend that you call Bill Hibdon at Hibdon Hardwoods. They import logs and mill them for guitar sets as a large part of their business. I know they resaw and, if nothing else, they will be a great resource for you and your guitar work. My second recommendation is Fehlig brothers, also downtown. Pat O’Leary is the man at Fehlig you’ll want to talk to about shop work like this. They don’t specialize in guitars, but I use them a lot for other shop work that I can’t get done efficiently myself.

  5. Wally says :

    Where might I find info related to stopping bleeding sap from pine lumber?

    • wunderwoods says :

      I have no official sources off the top of my head. I will tell you from my research and from personal experience that the only way to stop bleeding sap from pine lumber is too kiln dry the lumber to a high temperature and it will still not be enough for large pockets of sap. If you are talking about sap bleeding through finishes like paint, shellac is the trick. Shellac or products containing shellac (like Kilz) will seal in the sap and keep it from bleeding through the paint.

  6. Lana Newlin says :

    Im a car painter and would like to use my spray gun for a furniture project. What tip size should i use for lacquer? Would u suggest thinning it and how much. I use a 1.4 tip for car paint and clear coat with a reducer.

    • wunderwoods says :

      It’s the same setup for either one. I use my gun for painting metal parts with car paint as well and don’t change the tip. 1.4 is what I use too.

  7. David Aion says :

    I’m finally getting my health and act together and expect the first pick-up truck that I’ve ever owned to arrive shortly. Question, would you run 3 – 2×10 KD SFP boards through your sander for me? Both sides .

  8. Diane Minnihan says :

    I’m interested in purchasing a cart what is the lowest price you will take? I’m on a fixed income but love to refinish things

    • wunderwoods says :

      I have carts for $100 right now. They are in need of repair and are larger than the standard carts. They can be cut down in size, but will still sit taller at about 19″ high. For $100, I will make sure you get all of the components for a complete cart, but you will definitely need to do some work. I don’t ship them, so you will need to be able to pick them up at my shop.

  9. mkpollock2014 says :

    Hi Scott! Beautiful stuff you got there! I am an amateur woodworkerl of 20 years, and a chainsaw Miller of white and red oak from my 55 acres and here in Missouri. Do you yourself have a kiln that you will dry wood at a price, or do you contract that to a local kiln here in St Louis or St Charles?

    Milling 3 inch thick slabs white oak and allowing to ambient dry takes too much time! I’m planning a future solar kiln, but I’m not convinced of the consistency I might get.


    Mitch Pollock
    St. Louis, MO

    • wunderwoods says :

      I have my own kilns, but don’t dry for others because I never have enough space myself. Drying thick white oak will take awhile with or without a kiln. I usually skip the thick cutting on oak just for that reason, especially on white oak, which dries so slow. Instead of the solar kiln, I would recommend making it a DH kiln. The chamber construction is similar and you can dry wood all year. I have one running now for a couple thousand feet powered with one fan, a room dehumidifier and a space heater, when needed. It works the same and just as good as my Nyle kiln for very little money. I built the chamber inside my shop with rigid foam as the insulation and structure. I plan to do the same thing for future kilns.

  10. n.e.brown17@gmail.com says :


    I have a question about some large wood cookies I have that someone wants me to make a sign out of. I would like to know if I could fill the large split with resin and soak it in pentacryl would the cookie still continue to split?

    • wunderwoods says :

      The pentacryl is to help stop the cracking if the wood is wet. The resin only works if the wood is very dry. If you use the resin and the wood is wet, the piece will crack and your resin work will be for not. If the wood is dry enough, the Pentacryl won’t help at all. You really need to know how wet the wood is to come up with a plan of attack.

  11. Doug Heitland says :

    I have a number of oak logs between 8″ and about 12, maybe some larger. There are probably 10 maybe. I’l like to have them cut into disks for projects. Is that something you can do? Thanks for any info!

    • wunderwoods says :

      Doug, we don’t do custom milling. I have several guys that cut for us though, so I should be able to hook you up with someone close. Give me a call at 314-574-6036 and I will try and help out.

  12. sheryl lord says :

    absolutely LOVE your log staircase! makes me wish i lived in a 2 storey house!

  13. Rick Dalton says :

    I have three pieces of hickory that have been down since June. I just cut a 6”x12”x6’ mantel and two supports that are 4”x6”x36”. My question is would you be willing to finish drying them in your kiln?

    • wunderwoods says :

      We don’t offer kiln drying for others, however I wouldn’t recommend kiln drying that wood anyway. The pieces are too big for a conventional kiln to do much in a reasonable time frame. I would install them wet and let them dry in place.

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