Short Sycamore Log on Its Way to Being a Big Table

This week I picked up a sycamore log at Grant’s Farm for a local woodworker. He has been commissioned to build a round table from the tree that has stood on the property since the time of Ulysses S. Grant.

Because the log was too heavy to load in one piece and was going to be cut into round slices anyway, I cut it in half to make it easier to handle. The log is a minimum of 60″ in diameter on the skinny end, and should make a few nice table tops.

I jokingly complained to my wife that I drove all the way to Grant’s Farm only to pick up two 3′ long logs – that, by the way, filled up the truck.

Cutting the sycamore log in half for loading.

Cutting the sycamore log in half for loading.

I loaded both 3' logs on the truck standing up.

I loaded both 3′ logs on the truck standing up (the logs, uh and well, me too).

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6 responses to “Short Sycamore Log on Its Way to Being a Big Table”

  1. Doug says :

    Neat! They ought to be some really nice tables! Just make sure neither one lands on your toe!

  2. davidaion says :

    I love sycamore for turning. I’ve made many large bowls out of it and it looks particularly beautiful when there is some spalting.

  3. davevitale says :

    Hi Scott, Great post as usual.  It reminded me that I never sent you a photo of the finished tables that you helped me with. See attached.  They are in the parish life center lobby by the tv cabinet I made with the same tree. A good show and tell story if I can ever get free on a Thursday night and get to a guild meeting.  Happy Woodworking! ! Dave Vitale

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  4. davevitale says :

    More pix

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  5. Matt says :

    Very large! Should be a beautiful piece when completed.

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  6. says :

    Hi Scott,

    There is a live sycamore tree on my street that is almost that big, maybe ¾. The log in your pictures is oblong, or oval. The tree on our street is closer to round and roughly the diameter of the narrow dimension of your log.

    Best regards,

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