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Lumber Pricelist

We mill the lumber and slabs that we use for our projects and to sell in the shop from local logs. A lot of what we mill stands out from regular lumber in some way (spalting, curly grain, wacky shapes), but we also process high-grade lumber. When we come up short, we use other local sources to make sure we have the lumber on hand for a complete hardwood selection.

The lumber is sold green, air-dried, and kiln-dried and in the rough. We can surface the lumber for you if needed. We take pride in our lumber surfacing and joint the wide face before planing for a straight and flat board. We then run one edge on the jointer for a glue-line edge. We also offer sanding on our 36″ wide-belt sander and slab flattening on the cnc router. All of the surfacing is billed at a shop rate of $100/hr.

Click the following link for the latest price list:

WunderWoods price list June 2022

The shop is at 821 Midpoint Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63366, just off of Highway 70, between Highway K and Bryan Road.

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