A Walnut in the Walnut

We were sanding some walnut lumber the other day in the shop, and look what we found. It’s a walnut in the walnut. How nutty! It looks like the walnut shell fell into a crotch in the tree and the tree grew around it. I am so glad to run into a foreign object that doesn’t ruin the equipment.

I've never seen this before. Usually it's a big chunk of metal.

I’ve never seen this before. Usually it’s a big chunk of metal.

This photo was sent in by a WunderWoods follower. He was resawing lumber for the top of turkey calls and cut a walnut perfectly in half. It makes a nice turkey call and a great story.

This turkey call was made from walnut with a walnut.

This turkey call was made from walnut with a walnut.


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  1. Niles Oesterle says :

    Some years ago I found a “captive walnut” in a piece of Missouri walnut that I was resawing. I was lucky enough to saw the nut pretty much right in half. I made two nice box turkey calls with this unique wood. Was very pleased to see that you too found a treasure. I will send you a picture.

  2. richimage says :

    Looks like a crown, of sorts… perhaps a logo could be created from it?

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