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Big trees

When I am out scouting for trees, I often come across some noteworthy examples, usually because they are large. Even though I may not mill them, I can’t help but take a picture.

This giant sycamore log was too hollow to mill, but too big to not photograph. It was hidden in the woods within a quarter mile of my shop and was exposed during development of the land.

Martin Goebel likes big logs too. This black oak log yielded slabs with sections over 54″ wide. (Click here to read more about this log.)

Even the branches are giant on this white oak. (Click here to read more about this log.)

From this angle the vase shape is not as evident, but with park-goers directly beneath it, you can see just how big this tree is. (Click here to read more about this and other elm trees.)

This tree is even bigger than it looks like from the road. (Click here to read more about this white oak.)

That’s not me, but that is the “Biggest Burr Oak” after it was cleaned up and back on the ground. (Click here to read more about this giant burr oak.)

My old Corley mill getting ready to disassemble a huge cherry log. (Click here to read about more big cherry logs.)

This photo was from a woodworking show in Sacramento (they have bigger trees!)

Cutting the sycamore log in half for loading and milling. (Read more about this log by clicking here.)

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